• Winter:11:15am - 2:00pm
  • Summer: Non stop July-August
  • Summer: limited offer from 2-5pm
  • 7:45pm-9:30pm
  • Closed off-season Tuesdays
  • Open daily during the holidays season
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In winter as well as in summer, you will enjoy the unique location of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, right at the heart of the Tarentaise area, whether you come for an unforgettable winter skiing experience or for exceptional summer trekking or leasure time.
Everybody knows Savoy fondue...But have you heard of 3-cheese fondue or mushroom fondues (boletus fondue)?
A perfect example of the mountain countryside atmosphere, the Savoyard is also typically respectful of the local.traditions from Savoie.
Located downtown Bourg-Saint-Maurice, right at th heart of the Tarentaise, up right in the Grand-Rue, le Savoyard is your ideal one-stop place for a great relaxing moment.
Nadine, the owner, together with her staff, are very kind people and will do everything they can for their customers who often become friends and it shows as you can see above.

Le Savoyard (Click on a name)

Name Position Phone Suburb Country
Jean-Claude Cavalli Conseil en immobilier Bourg St Maurice France
Le Savoyard Mgmt Direction +33 (0)4 57 37 13 81 Bourg-Saint-Maurice France
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